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taken @ Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park (while on sabbatical last fall)


Of the thousands of trained, professional classical musicians out there, what makes my playing special? Why bother to stop one's busy life for music at all, much less my version of something, my rendering of a melody that has been played before my birth, and will long succeed my passing?

It's because I have kept going.

I can give you reasons, if we were to have coffee, or you were to come to a concert, why I no longer book engagements when I have to land in a different time zone and play that night (jet lag, memory slips, and a locked piano are three very good reasons). I can tell you why I think that Glenn Gould's 1981 Goldberg Variations are perhaps in the top 5 recordings ever made. But more than that - you'll get a deep understanding of someone who can move and travel at very fast speeds, but would rather sit in front of a canvas, completely still, and not move until it is in my blood. My playing reflects that. It tells a story of a traveler, someone who doesn't give up on her career, on her students, her family, or mastering a hard piece of music, for that matter.

We all have stories, so as an audience member, I look forward to hearing yours.

Let's make a plan...

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