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A One-Step Solution

To an often complex problem ...

The COVID-19 pandemic proved many things about creativity and artistry. For months (or even the better part of a year), we were sequestered or sheltered with whatever instruments, music, people, and cats we had.

But that time proved to be fruitful, because I launched into a fun venture, which was basically to use myself as a guinea pig and start "making stuff." Armed with brand-new microphones, XLR cables, and software, I ran a bit amok but continued to tweak. I learned about mic placement, EQ, post-production, mastering, and then added video into the mix.

Musicians often have to "show" the world that we can do something, or many somethings - live and "in person." In order to book a gig, concert, opera, or role, people want to see what they will be getting.

Here are some examples of my work - in front of, and also behind (in post-production). Feel free to reach out ( if you are in need of a quality audio or video recording of your performance and artistry.

Del cabello mas sutil - Obradors

Christina Martos, soprano

Sonetto 104: Pace non trovo - Liszt

Sean Stanton, baritone

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